martedì 11 marzo 2008

Buona apocalisse a tutti!

Questo il titolo in italiano di un divertente libro scritto a 4 mani dall'inarrestabile Terry Pratchett e da Neil Gaiman. E' folle, irriverente e meriterebbe una scomunica a pagina... praticamente un piacere leggerlo! :-D

  • Have a nice doomesday. -- Back cover blurb

  • CAVEAT - Kids! Bringing about Armageddon can be dangerous. Do not attempt it in your own home.

  • It wasn't a dark and stormy night. It should have been, but there's the weather for you. For every mad scientist who's had a convenient thunderstorm just on the night his Great Work is complete and lying on the slab, there have been dozens who've sat around aimlessly under the peaceful stars while Igor clocks up the overtime.

  • [Humans] were born into a world that was against them in a thousand little ways, and then devoted most of their energies to making it worse.

  • He couldn't see why people made such a fuss about people eating their silly old fruit anyway, but life would be a lot less fun if they didn't. And there was never an apple, in Adam's opinion, that wasn't worth the trouble you got into for eating it.

2 commenti:

  1. Verissimo, approvo in pieno! Il libro più divertente che mi sia passato tra le mani da due anni a questa parte!

  2. Il mix dei 2 autori ha creato un risultato particolare ed interessante. :-)